Miracles in the Philippines


Miracles Wittnessed by People I know

The God of the Bible is alive and well. He is still performing miracles and answering prayer. He is still healing blind and lame people.
In May 1990 a group of Christians went on a missionary trip to the city of Butuan in Mindanao (the southern major Island of Philippines).
The group included a number of people that I know. Grant, Rosie and Emilia are three people in particular that I know personally and I have spoken to them about the trip.

I have also spoken to Jacque and David about the trip.
My friend Grant told me how he was encouraged by a Christian lady on the plane on the way from Melbourne to the Philippines. He was walking back to his seat when the lady approached him. (This lady was not from the same group he was travelling with). She had been to the Philippines before and had already seen God do some miracles. She said she could sense the Holy Spirit all over Grant. She told Grant that when he prays for the sick, he should pray for them with authority in Jesus’ name and command the sicknesses to go.
Emilia is a dear old Italian lady with a strong faith in Jesus, she was reluctant to go on the trip because her English was not as fluent as she would have liked. But she felt God telling her to go and so she went in spite of her reservations.
On the trip the group split into smaller groups and went to various places. Miracles occurred wherever they went including hospitals, the beach and street meetings.

Healings in two hospital wards

Grant told me how various people from the group went with him as they visited two hospital wards that were filled with children. One of the members of the group (Cynthia) acted as the interpreter. Before they prayed they asked for the children to put up their hands if they wanted to be healed. Most of them did. They prayed for each child confidently praying that they would all be healed and would be able to leave the hospital on that day. The following morning Cynthia told Grant that she had been to the hospital ward early that morning to find out what had happened. To her surprise both wards were empty apart from one child. She asked the Doctor where they were. He said they all left yesterday apart from that one boy. The Doctor exclaimed ‘the God that you prayed to is a very powerful God’.

Healings in an adult ward

Grant also told of some Adults who were healed including and man with a gunshot wound who appeared to be on his deathbed. The next day he was sitting up looking really well. A man who had been stabbed had already left the hospital after his scar was healed. A man with a back problem (Grant thought his back was broken) was up out of bed and walking around the ward with no apparent problem on the day after he was prayed for.

Healing of a man with white eyes at a street meeting

They held a street meeting on a platform in a township outside of the city. They walked around inviting people to come to the crusade. While they were doing this, Grant and David noticed a man with poor vision standing out the front of his house. That man came to the meeting. Later on after the message had been given they invited the sick to come up and be prayed for. The blind man went up for prayer. David was the one who prayed for him and David described the man’s eyes to me. David said that one eye was completely white "there was nothing there" and the other was "very messy".
David saw the man’s eyes become normal while he was watching. This healing is one of the most amazing miracles that David has ever seen. The man did not speak much English if any but it was obvious from the reaction that he and the people around him were very happy. The man who was healed went forward and spoke to his neighbourhood in his own dialect about how he had been healed. Grant was so amazed that he followed him off the stage as he went back to his wife. His wife spoke English and Grant asked her if this is the same man who was standing outside of the house before the meeting and she said it was.

Healing of a paralysed girl

The man whose eyes were healed went and found a woman whose daughter was very sick and brought them back to the meeting. The mother brought her daughter to the meeting wrapped in a towel. The child was crippled with disease. Her legs, arms and neck so were badly twisted that she was shaped like a ball with her legs bent up behind her. Her head was permanently facing sideways. She could not walk and had to be carried everywhere. She was dying and had not eaten anything in three days. David and Grant both remember seeing the girl and they both confirmed that she was very unwell. As Jacque prayed for her the Lord gave Jacque a “word of knowledge” (A word of knowledge is where God miraculously puts knowledge inside your mind). The Lord had shown Jacque that the lady had been to see a witch doctor. Jacque asked the lady about this and the lady said that she did it because she was desperate for her child to be healed. Jacque told the lady that she needed to ask God for forgiveness for that and the lady accepted Jesus that night. When the lady took her child home, the child still appeared to be ill.
Emilia had seen the lady holding the child in a vision and she was certain that the child was going to be healed. So they were trying to organise for them to visit the lady the following morning. However there were some obstacles for them to overcome. For one thing in was not safe for Westerners to travel about in the area at that time and for another they were not certain where the lady lived although they thought they had her name on a card. They eventually obtained permission to go but they did not have a lot of time. They went back to the area and started asking about the lady, it just so happened that the first person they spoke to was the lady’s neighbour and she led them straight to the lady’s house. (She left a valuable basket behind in order to help them). As they were walking along the sight of Westerners walking around attracted a lot of attention and so a crowd of about 150 people followed them.
When they arrived, the girl had already experienced some improvement and had eaten some rice but was still badly contorted.
Jacque started talking about God’s plan for mankind right from the start of the Bible. As Jacque was preaching about God’s power, God’s presence was there to heal and the little girls limbs started unfolding. The girl got up and started walking around. There was screaming and excitement all around and many people were healed of illnesses such as heart conditions. A man was healed of tuberculosis and a lady with a foot that was bent sideways was also healed.

An amazing healing of a blind lady

Jacque has been on more than one trip to the Philippines. On a previous trip Jacque saw God perform a truly amazing miracle.
She was preaching one Sunday morning when she noticed an elderly man escorting his wife toward the platform. (They were both in their 70s or 80s).
Now she had not made an alter call and so she was wondering what was going on.
It soon became apparent why the man was escorting his wife since she was not only blind in one eye but the other eye wasn’t even there at all, it was just an empty eye socket. The lady had been blind since birth. Jacque asked them what they wanted and the man said “I want my wife to see me before I go to be with the Lord.”
Jacque felt that the Lord wanted her to pray for the lady so she said, “let it be done for you as you have believed.” Jacque then went to lay her hand on the one eye that was left but the Lord told her “Not that eye.”
Jacque felt the power of God as she laid hands on the lady. She soon felt something moving under her hand. She looked and she saw an eyeball roll around.
The Lord then told her to remove the membrane. The lady could see but her vision was blurry so Jacque prayed for the blurriness. She said that she prayed more fervently for the blurriness than she did for the missing eye.
The lady looked at her husband and said, “You’re beautiful.”
The whole church was screaming and the Lord started healing people all over the church, including people with goiters.
On the day that I spoke to Jacque she was able to tell me that just the night before a musical director from Brisbane was healed of a sore shoulder. So miracles are still happening and they are happening all over the world. 

God’s healing power is available to you

These miracles clearly defy naturalistic explanations but they are not the only amazing miracles that I have heard about and they are definitely not the most recent either. The main reasons I chose this trip to write about is because the miracles are clearly miraculous (if you saw a child’s legs straighten while you were watching you would know that it had to be God who was at work) and because I personally know three of the people who went on the trip, so it was easy for me to interview them and none of them are dishonest.
These miracles did occur and the point is that if you need healing then God can heal you. Don’t worry if you live in a western country, living in a western country doesn’t stop people from being healed.
If you would like prayer for healing then see the article, “God's Healing Power.” If you would like to know how God can become real in your life then please read “How do I become a Christian?

Update Jan 2nd 2007

Since I wrote the first version of this article I have been able to speak to Jacque Hall and David about a trip to the Philippines where God performed some wonderful healings. They were able to fill in some important details and Jacque told me about another amazing healing that involved an eye growing into an empty eye socket, so here is a revised version of the article.